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Adding affordable payment plans to your treatment plans

A recenarticle that appeared in the September issue of Inside Dentistry magazine highlights the incredible benefit you can provide your patients when you offer affordable payment plans to your practice. Michelle Hedgecock, DDS practices dentistry in Austin, Texas and she, like many of you, tried a variety of options for helping to make her diagnosed treatments affordable to her patients.

In-house patient financing for dental procedures proves difficult

Everything from in-house financing which tied up her office staff with collection calls and paperwork to healthcare credit cards for which only those with the best credit can get approved. She knew she needed another option and she found it with Compassionate Finance. 


Affordable dental plans

You know the story, you spend the time examining your patients, diagnosing their issues, and presenting their treatment plan, only to hear them say they can't afford it. It's extremely frustrating not only for you but for your patients.

They want and need to get the work done, but the options most doctors have are either unaffordable (in-house financing usually has high monthly payments) or unobtainable (healthcare credit cards require a high credit rating for approval and present other potential costly hazards for patients).

For Dr. Hedgecock, Compassionate Finance is the perfect option she was looking for.

Once she signed up for Compassionate Finance, she was able to confidently present her patients with not only a treatment plan, but with a realistic payment plan she knew they could afford. After all, the patients pick the monthly plan that works for them!

Dr. Hedgecock has seen her treatment acceptance rate increase as well as the amount of treatments she performs. A big part of this is the fact that when she presents the treatment plan, she also offers Compassionate Finance to every patient.


Here's a sample of how Dr. Hedgecock and her team handle the cost conversation:

"Mrs. Jones, because Dr. Hedgecock cares deeply about the health of her patients, she offers payment options that other dentists don't. If we can set up monthly payments that work within your budget, when would you like to start treatment?"


See how easy that is? She makes it so the patient can't say no. When you present a "monthly payment option" to your patient, one that not only is affordable but one they choose, the next question is "when can we start?"