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How offering affordable dental treatment for your patients can make dreams and resolutions come true

Every year we come to a very strange and beautiful season. People buy each other presents, decorate their homes and visit with relatives they see far too rarely. This is also a time when people re-evaluate their lives. They make vows to themselves, resolutions that few ever keep. One of the most common is to look better. This involves losing weight, exercising, taking better care of themselves. And you, as a dentist, can play a significant role in self-improvement.


The holidays mean parties, dinners and family get-togethers. Pictures are snapped. And every year, a handful of people feel a special dread. They make sure to keep their heads down when talking to keep their missing or damaged teeth out of view. They skip their favorite dishes to prevent getting a seed caught in a cavity. In some instances, a person with a bad tooth might forgo celebrations altogether. Missing out on one of the year’s warmest occasions is a steep price to pay for not taking care of one’s teeth.


Then you have New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone has good intentions, deciding to take the start of a new year as a point to start fresh. As most of us know, few of those promises are kept. Consider this list from Time magazine in 2012-THE TOP TEN MOST COMMONLY BROKEN NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS:

Dental-financing-optionsAND THEN THERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE.

Yes, money makes a difference. With the expense of the holidays, a person may forgo that regular check-up or make do with a cavity simply to have money on hand for presents and food. In the hopes of avoiding debt, families will cut back on much-needed dental treatments, waiting until “we get those credit card bills paid off.” Of course, as anyone who has been in that position knows, the moment a bill is paid, another will probably pop up.


You can’t solve all your patients’ problems. Your job is to provide the best dental treatment possible, using state-of-the-art technology and thoroughly trained professionals. If you find your patients more and more rejecting treatment due to their financial situations, there is a practical and compassionate service you can offer: affordable dental financing for your patients.

First, you need to understand that most patients without insurance or financial resources have probably tried to get credit and were turned down. People with poor credit ratings or spotty employment records are rarely approved for regular bank loans. They can usually get a credit card, but only after paying both a sign-up fee and uncommonly high interest rates. The repayment schedule doesn’t necessarily fit with their incomes, as many people who work part-time or as contractors can’t guarantee money in their bank accounts on the days their credit payment is due. These are people who need a flexible credit solution. This is where you can help.


You know your patients. You know which ones have cash flow problems or are unable to secure the financing needed for dental treatment. You know which family members are struggling with dental issues. This is where you can step in.

As a COMPASSIONATE FINANCE dental provider, you could take a few minutes and review your patient list. If you are new to us, this would be an excellent time to introduce us to your patients.

For example, imagine a man who does seasonal work and therefore has an irregular cash flow. Send him an email or drop him a letter telling him about flexible payment plans available through Compassionate Finance. Suggest that getting his wife’s cracked crown repaired would be a truly thoughtful gift. Because of Compassionate Finance’s high acceptance rate, he will easily qualify for a loan that works with his irregular work situation.

Imagine one of your patients now working at her first job. Yes, she has dental insurance, but it will not cover the gap in her teeth that she’s had since childhood. You can show her how Compassionate Finance will work with her. She has a say in how the payments are structured and when they are made. Tell her to picture herself with more confidence, rising up the company ranks and smiling generously for the executive photo. As a Compassionate Finance registered dentist, your patient won’t have to switch to a dentist covered by some obscure financing company. And you will have the revenue from performing her procedures.

But don’t be quick to judge. The patient with a nice suit or who pulls into your lot with a new car might also benefit from Compassionate Finance. Insurance plans change, home situations go through valleys and even the most responsible person needs a hand from time to time. Let all your patients know that Compassionate Finance is for everyone.


Many people this time of year are concerned about looking their best, trying to see if they’ve aged much over the past twelve months, looking ahead to being the best person possible for years to come. Many don’t realize that beauty is more than smooth skin. Beauty is the result of being healthy, having confidence and feeling good. When oral health is ignored, the entire body can feel the negative effects. Adding huge, unwieldy payments to the mix—on top of exorbitant interest rates—only compounds the problem.

There is also beauty in helping people—and not just over the holidays. Giving your patients a means to afford needed dental treatment should be part of every dental practice. And the more you help patients afford their dental work, the more you increase your revenue stream. You bring in money by both providing skilled professional services and by earning interest on the credit you extend.


  1. Promise to increase the amount of procedures you perform.
  2. Promise to seriously invest in your practice by upgrading your X-Ray capabilities.
  3. Promise to leave behind in-house financing that ties up your staff and makes patient relations awkward.
  4. Promise to let Compassionate Financing take over your credit services and free yourself up to do what you do best: dental work.

Talk to us today to explore all that Compassionate Finance can do for you and your patients. High approval rates, flexible payment plans and a full credit team to do the paperwork—you should resolve to let COMPASSIONATE FINANCE become part of your practice.

For information, please send us an email or call us directly at 866.964.4727. We are here for you.