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The right dental financing can make all the difference

As a dentist, it is your job to peer down into wide-open mouths. You see, maybe, some bridgework and a little plaque. But what’s going on behind those anxious eyes and furrowed brow? Here's a little scenario to help shed some light on what your patients may be feeling. Hint: much of it has to do with how they are going to pay.

“Okay, Sam. Just relax. We’re going to take a look at things.”

“This is so awkward. Am I starting to sweat? ARRGH. He just hit the sore spot. What? He’s talking softly with his assistant. They look concerned. What’s that? I need to have that tooth taken out? So then I need a bridge or an implant?”

“Here’s what’s going on with that tooth, Sam.”

“Okay. He’s putting the chair up and looking me in the eye. Yes, he’s explaining things, but I can’t give him my full concentration. It doesn’t matter what the "optimum treatment plan" is. What matters is how much it costs. For now, I’ll listen and nod and ask questions, waiting for a good place to ask about the price. I don’t want these people to think that I can’t take care of myself or my family. I can…but with car repairs and a new school year coming up, I can’t see just casually dropping a couple thousand dollars into my mouth.”

“Ok, looks like you have a bad lower molar that needs to be extracted. Once that heals we can take care of the missing tooth a few ways. Here’s a treatment plan my staff and I have prepared for you.”

“I know that this news may be unexpected and you’re next question is probably about cost. Well, the good news is that since your last visit, we’ve upgraded our dental financing options for patients by offering Compassionate Finance. What that means is that we can work with you to make sure you get the treatments you need done and choose a monthly payment that works for you.”


“Oh yeah, I saw some materials about Compassionate Finance in his waiting room. Where I decide how much I pay each month. Okay. Good. That takes the pain out of the ‘extraction’ part of the conversation. Well, at least some of the pain.”

“Take a few minutes and apply online with this iPad. Just applying won’t affect your credit and we’ll get an answer in as little as 30 seconds.”

“Wow, this is easy. A few simple things to enter in, they’re going to approve me based on my active checking account. Simple enough. Sounds like even though my credit isn’t the best, I can get approved.”

“Ok, Sam, let’s take a look. Great, you’re approved! Now just pick the monthly payment that works for you and we’ll take it from here”

“That was great. I can’t believe how easy that was and I can get the work I need done without worry about paying or putting it off until it gets worse.”

“Now let’s get to work on that tooth.”

“Uh-oh. Here comes that probe-y thing.”



Providing your patients with a flexible, friendly and affordable payment solution can make the difference between getting it done and putting it off. Compassionate Finance is the leader in providing doctors with the ability to offer their patients a payment option with a high approval rating, fixed interest rates and a monthly payment plan that works for their patients. Find out more.

Thousands of doctors have included Compassionate Finance to their in-house patient financing options and it's literally changed the lives of their practice and patients. Dr. Eric Roman is just one.

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