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The Top 5 reasons patients pick their dentist will surprise you

Why do patients come to you for their dental work? Could it be your gentle chair side manner? Your talent at your profession? The specialized training you took to keep your skills current? Last year, DentistryIQ published an infographic* that explored the reasons why people pick one dentist over another. According to 3000 dental patients, here are the top five reasons:

5) Because someone else told them about you. Yes, word-of-mouth recommendations still have impact in making decisions on dental care. According to the study, 82% of patients ask around before choosing a dentist.

4) Advanced dental technology. People believe that cutting edge technology leads to better dental care. 1 in 5 patients surveyed say that advanced technology results in better and faster service.

3) Online reviews. Potential clients check on you. They’re looking for five stars and solid recommendations. 82% of survey respondents say that they are highly influenced by online recommendations.

2) Convenience. People are busy and will choose a dentist over factors like proximity to work or home and scheduling options.

And, the number one reason why people choose a dentist:


The number 1 reason for choosing a dentist comes down to payment. For people with insurance, the choice of dental professionals is determined by whether or not the dentist accepts their insurance. It then follows that for people without coverage, being able to pay for the treatment is a major—if not THE major factor in selecting a dentist.

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