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Treating more patients with Compassionate Finance

Increasing access to patient care through mobile payment solutions

We respect and have high admiration for those leaders who make cognizant decisions that aren’t only good for their business, but those that support increasing patient access to the healthcare they need. Most importantly, increasing access to the healthcare patients deserve.

By offering affordable payment options through Compassionate Finance™, a high-tech mobile payment solution platform, practices can help patients afford their care while also providing a new monthly revenue stream for the practice.

Payment plans create a win-win by allowing for reoccurring payments with interest to help set a business up for long-term financial growth, while also ensuring patients receive necessary procedures that may have been previously cost-prohibitive.

Adopting Compassionate Finance helps practice owners embrace the now – and prepare for the future – by offering payment terms to a customer base that already expects them in other areas of daily living.

Bottom line – implementing Compassionate Finance into your practice is a guaranteed way to increase patient accessibility to expensive and often medically necessary procedures that would oftentimes go untreated or unpaid.